Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Visual studio remains on topmost when Multilanguage has been opened

After you start Multilanguage from the tools menu in visual studio visual studio becomes the topmost foreground window. Even after you close Multilanguage dockable window this remains the case.

I cannot get anything in the foreground anymore. The only way to resolve this is close and reopen visual studio. A side effect of this bug is that the help about screen in Multilanguage is opened behind visual studio. Then it looks like visual studio hangs because the screen is in the background.

Could you remove this behavior?

Best regards,
Bart Vries


Hi Bart,

I have never seen this behavior. Multi-Language certainly does not do this on purpose. Since I don't get this effect, and I don't know why it happens, the chances of fixing it seem very small.

Do you have a company license?

If you have a company license, Multi-Language shows a splash screen briefly, which is a topmost window. If there is any possibility that that is causing the problem, I can take it out.

I have searched for information about this error on google. There are some reports on Stack-Exchange, for example

There are some suggestions that it may be related to Resharper. Do you happen to use Resharper? To be fair, if Resharper could cause the problem, then Multi-Language could as well.

Several people find that running Visual Studio as Administrator fixes the problem, but you might not wish to do this.

According to one report, WindowsKey+A toggles the topmost property. This is certainly not true on Windows 10, but it might be true on other versions of Windows.

I have posted a question on MSDN here:

That is the most appropriate forum for issues related to Visual Studio Extensibility. If I don't get a useful answer I can try Stack-Overflow, which is probably a better bet.

Sorry that this isn't more helpful.


Hi Phil,

The issue only appears when the multilanguage window is not docked by default. It is especially problematic when visual studio itself wants to display a dialog box such as the about screen in the multi language bar. This will cause visual studio to appear not to respond to any clicks anymore.

To repro the issue I've created a video. I put it on my own server because it it about 15MB.

Hope this helps you repro the issue.