Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Rescan - Does it add to the list or purge and rebuild?

I have previously run the Multi language tool on my project. It build resource strings in the application and I have had translations done. All is good.

I have now added to my application (forms, code, etc). I would like to rescan to get the new strings built in and then have translations for the new strings. Will I lose my existing translations if I rescan the project ? I have
spent quite some time getting the translations and don't want to lose them.

On a related note, If someone installs my application, and I later add translations for words I didn't have translations for at release, is there an easy way to get the translations to an existing user? Or will I have to generate a new release and have them uninstall the old, and install the new ?



A rescan is always safe. You will not lose any information.

After compiling your application, the localized strings are stored in a satellite DLL. This file is stored in a sub-directory of the output directory, where the name of the sub-directory indicates the language. This DLL must be installed on the target machine in a sub-directory with the same name.

You can replace the satellite DLL without updating the application.

In fact, it should be possible to add additional languages by copying new satellite DLLs to the target system, without modifying the application.