Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

New Version for Visual Studio 2019


I have made a new version of Multi-Language for Visual Studio 2019.

This is currently version 7.01.0004. It can be downloaded with the link

This version contains two major changes:

1. A new code scan for C# and VB.NET based on Roslyn, the .NET compiler platform.

There are two aspects to this:

  • Using Roslyn to detect strings in the source code
  • Using Roslyn to make changes to the source code

I was going to introduce this support as version 7.00.

2. A new implementation of the tool window using WPF

Many users have reported, that the Multi-Language window remained blank in Visual Studio 2019. I think it worked correctly in the first release, but has stopped working with later updates.

In all previous versions, the tool window was implemented as a WinForms control.

I have fixed the UI problems in Visual Studio 2019 by implementing a new top level control using WPF. This includes the toolbar, drop-down project list and the tab control. However, the three grids are still implemented in WinForms and hosted in WindowsFormsHost controls.

Obviously, I would like to migrate the grids to WPF (and to an MVVM structure) as well, but this will be substantially more work.

At the same time, I have split the implementation into separate DLLs so, for example, the top level Visual Studio Package and Tool Window are separate from the bulk of the previous implementation.

Since the previous version is not working at all in Visual Studio 2019, I have decided that the current version is good enough to be released.

However, I am still working on it, and I am sure that there will be multiple updates in the coming months.