Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Importing existing localization


Suppose that you want to use the Multi-Language Add-In for localization, but a part of your project has already been localized using hand coded function calls to load resource strings.

In version 4.52.0003, I have added a new feature to:

  • search for existing function calls which load resource strings
  • import the resource strings into the Add-In's project database and
  • convert the existing function calls into calls to the function ml_string(), as generated by the Add-In.

To search for the existing function calls, you must define a search pattern using a regular expression. This means that it is fairly flexible, but somewhat cryptic. I will be happy to help if anybody has problems defining the regular expression.

There is more information in the article Importing Existing Localization.

2nd March 2008