Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio



Welcome to the forum!

This forum is intended for questions about

  • localisation using Visual Studio .NET and in particular about
  • localisation using the Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio .NET

I will endeavour to answer any questions about using the Add-In, but I would also be very happy to see users answering each other's questions.

The language of this forum does not have to be English. I will try to reply to postings in English, German or French in the same language. Otherwise, providing I can understand the posting at all, I will reply in English. If it seems necessary, I will setup separate forums for different languages.

Feel free to make suggestions for new features or other improvements to the Add-In. The most important job for any tool, is to do what the users really want.

To use the forum, you have to register as a user via the login screen.

10th February, 2008