Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio

Version 4.54.0000 withdrawn


On the 16th of July, I uploaded a new version (4.54.0000) with internal changes to access routines for the project database. Unfortunately, this version contained some errors, which will take me some days to fix. I have now withdrawn this version and replaced it with the previous version (4.53.0024)

If you downloaded version 4.54.0000 during the last day or so (16-18 July, depending on your time zone), I suggest that you uninstall it and install version 4.53.0024 instead.



Finally, I have uploaded the version 4.54 again.

This version does not (at present) offer any new functionality for users, but there are a lot of internal changes, preparing for some future changes.

In particular, all access to the project database now uses ADO.NET instead of plain old ADO (inherited from the VB6 Add-In). In addition, I have abstracted the interface to some of the tables into a generic translation store interface.

In future I intend to offer different options for the project database:

  • the access database, as it is now
  • one or (probably) two XML files
  • one XML file for some internal information and a (user defined) external database for the translations

For new projects, the default will probably be to use XML files. This now seems a more appropriate solution than to use the Access database (also inherited from the VB6 Add-In).

I had already (in version 4.53.0022) moved some information out of the project database into XML files. The temporary information used to restore the tables without rescanning the project is now stored in the files ml_temp_SourceScan.xml and ml_temp_ControlsScan.xml. As the names indicate, this is temporary information. There is no need to save these files to version control. If you delete them, then the Add-In will have to rescan the project, but that is all.

I had also moved a table called ToolboxBitmapCache into an XML file, stored in \Application Data\MultiLang.Net. This information is not project specific.

For the present, the previous version (4.53.0030) is still available on the download page, in case anybody has problems with the new version.

Finally, I have had a lot of problems with an error "Could Not Update; Currently Locked", which seems to be a particular problem with ADO.NET and the JET database engine. I think that I have fixed it, but let me know if you get this error. This looks like another good reason to switch from the Access database to XML files.